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Welcome to New York Locksmith, your all in one solution place for your locksmith needs in the New York area.

New York Locksmith is proud of being your one stop locksmith solution for all residential, commercial and auto locksmith services.

Here at New York Locksmith we employ highly trained locksmith professionals who are available to assist you with any and all security device problems you might have. Our incredibly advanced diagnostic state of the art locksmith supplys and tools help us provide fast and effective instantaneous service.

We are cover the entire New York area. Call now 631-892-4877 for 24/7 locksmith service.

We happily provide 24 hour speedy service.

Here at New York Locksmith we have highly trained locksmith professionals that are available to assist you with all of your problems involving any security devices. New York Locksmith’s Good name in security solutions providing you with 24-hour emergency, residential locksmith, commercial locksmith and auto locksmith services.

If you’re locked out of your car, we’ll send you a car locksmith. If you need to protect your home against home invasion then we will send you a residential locksmith to install a state of the art security system, or if you need to monitor your employees while they work then we will send you a commercial locksmith. We can solve all your security problems.

Our Locksmith New York Services:

Emergency locksmith services: home/car lockout 24/7.
Residential locksmith services: emergency lockout, onsite installation, repair, replacement of any type of lock and security system.
Commercial locksmith services: emergency lockout, onsite installation, repair, replacement of any type of lock and security system.
Alarm security system: the optimal way of dealing with fire and burglary at residential and commercial premises.
Automotive locksmith services: car lockout, re-key, ignition, manufacture keys.
CCTV: placed in strategic areas to which members of the public have free access. Keep a watch on your home or business via the Internet.
Keyless entry systems: enable documenting and reporting access activity.
Intercom systems: enable communication with whoever is at your door for the security of your home and office.
Phone systems: the simplest way to reach clients and partners.
New York Locksmith is a magnificent company built-in the heart of New York, which offers locksmith and security services throughout the New York metropolitan area.

All of our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.

One of the most exceptional locksmiths in New York providing you with residential, commercial and automotive Security services such as auto lockout,
lock installation, replacement, Access Control Systems installation, CCTV installation, Camera Surveillance and Intercom Systems 24/7.

Locksmith New York has the solution for all your locksmith and security needs. Let us put an end to all your aggravation and put a smile on your face.
New York Locksmith Service will give you professional service at a price you can afford.

Never again think twice about replacing your own locks, adding deadbolts or a re-key. Simply call Locksmith New York, your locksmith experts,
and we will take care of the rest or if you have a lockout, don’t try to jimmy the lock yourself – call New York Locksmith.

New York Locksmith locksmiths play a very critical role in the security industry. They not only help people out of sticky situations,
but they also install, build keys and repair locks and other security devices. Our residential, commercial and auto locksmith exerts are on the
job 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are equipped to handle any kind of lockout.
Thanks to our advanced computerized dispatch system, we guarantee the most optimum response time. For immediate response please call us at 631-892-4877 Toll Free.

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